Changing Careers 40 – Read This!

Changing careers 40+ can be a daunting prospect – I’ve been there!

Changing Careers 40Have you ever felt like you’re standing in sinking sand, wondering how the heck you’re gonna pull yourself out of the predicament you’re in yet there’s no offers of help anywhere?

If you’re answering: Yep, that’s me, take a read of my story: How I climbed aboard the tinterweb earlier this year, joined a company to teach me how to make money through affiliate marketing by turning my passion into a successful online business venture.

Although I’m in the early days, I have made money – Good hey!  Bills are getting paid and life’s looking a lot rosier than it was years ago. In another years time I’m determined to create more income than I’ve ever earned because now I can see the light at the end of this vvvvery long tunnel.

I’m only a 3rd of the way through this learn as you earn course I embarked on yet I am earning slowly. Purely down to determination and a bit of hard work that pulls you through the mud yet my main concerns before I got rolling online were getting trained – Will this be like going back to school?  What a thought!

How on earth did I get in this predicament?

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t done anything to deserve standing in my position. My family and I had a very successful family butchers business, purchasing produce from all the local farms and serving local people. We were extremely well established, 1875 to be precise and well respected in the local community. Seriously, we had a cracking business.

Enter the sad times

Unfortunately for me, the government did not want butchers on the highstreet and took steps to get shut, resulting in the closure of 95% throughout the country. We were simply kicked out through rules and regulations simply because we could compete with the big boys as all purchases are made through an Auction Market – Fair Trading!

Those who couldn’t cope complying with the rules ended up closing, leaving the Supermarkets and Pension Funds happily accepting their gift. Or did they instigate it – Shame on me!

Personally I could cope, accomplished the new trading licence and implemented into our business what I was told, until: Then came the bombshell, Dad had been mis-sold his pension. The pension company refused to talk for a 5 year period and we were left with only one option – To sell the property to fund his pension.

Unemployed – Thanks!

2 years later they admitted fault and paid him back the money they tried to steal off him thanks to a pension advisor taking action but this was too late for me. No job and business closed. I can still hear the cheers from the Government – They beat us.

This may come across as a shock but you don’t require a licence anymore if you just serve fresh meat, they scrapped it – What was that all about?

Seriously, these are sad stories and I knew loads of people in my situation yet never publicised on the news. One thing I do take from this is: To run a business upholding the values of honesty, respect and legitimacy does not score high on the Government’s chart.

Time to move on

Unfortunately for me due to being self employed I was not entitled to any help either by the Government nor Jobcentre. No help with living expenses an no help with achieving employment.


I really was alone, applied for an unbelievable amount of jobs, received quite a lot of interviews but failed to achieve employment. Whether my face didn’t fit or my age was against me, I’m not sure as the majority were bog standard jobs. It’s a lonely world, I was in the gutter and worried beyond belief, a state of mind I fail to put into words.

Getting nowhere seeking employment I decided to embark on a Forex course simply because I didn’t know where to turn. Forex is great fun but to earn a sustained living is mighty difficult. I kept applying for jobs throughout this learning curve but to no avail.

It was time for another change of career. This is a dark wilderness, believe me.

Make Today Your Good Day
Make Today Your Good Day

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Sticking to my principles of honesty, respect and legitimacy, I searched through the internet wading through the piled high litter of scams until after months of searching I eventually came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate who said bring your passion onto our platform and we’ll show you how to make a successful online business out of it.

Wealthy Affiliate training course:

  1. Pick something you’re are interested in, willing to write about and communicate with.
  2. Full training from the basics how to build a website around your passion.
  3. How to drive visitors into your blog
  4. Earn revenue by inserting affiliate links.

Wealthy Affiliate promises:

  • Expert training from the basics through to prosperity and beyond.
  • Help and support for EVERY member.

I was intrigued, not really knowing what my passion was they asked me to come on board and become a member of their free starter package because it usually becomes apparent what to choose once you watch the starter training.

What’s your niche?

My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds
My Niche – Quality Plastic Sheds

I hopped on board and became engrossed. Through the starter training they asked what my passion was and I said I’m harbouring on the garden shed side of things. After explaining the benefits of narrowing a niche down towards a more targeted audience I chose Plastic Sheds to market due to their low maintenance benefits, something which I had experience, having had both types of sheds and I prefered the resin style over the traditional wooden variety.

Free Hosted Website with Free Starter Training to get you rolling

Things started to take shape and they offered me a free hosted website to get my passion rolling. Expecting one heck of a technical challenge building a website as I had no prior experience in this type of field, quite the opposite materialised. This training was pure fun, none of the old school days slog, I started to really enjoy myself, a feeling I hadn’t had in the workplace for years.

How to write quality content – It’s easier than you think

Perturbed with the thoughts of how to write decent articles was overcome with superb training. This is a bloggers world now, writing naturally as though you’re having a friendly conversation is the online way. Suits me fine. Don’t make everything sound wonderful, point out the pros and cons. They showed me how to relay reviews and QA’s into my posts to come across helpful to visitors as this gains trust and how to write informative, descriptive posts. It’s a lot easier than I ever thought!

Imagery that creates stunning articles

Then came the process of how to add images. Because I became a member of a free affiliate program I am allowed to use their images on the affiliate program to promote their products. Due to their professional photography they help create my shed articles with bodacious design. I never thought it would be possible for a newbie to produce such professionalism. My posts look like a web designer has created them. I was impressed!

Take a look at a recent post I created: Keter Oakland 759 Shed

When anyone clicks on a link in my post and purchases a shed I make a commission. It really is this straightforward.

The power of embedding videos

Following inserting imagery, how to embed videos from YouTube came into fruition. By adding a video of each shed certainly lifted my business, I started making money. People were clicking affiliate links when reading my articles promoting a particular type of shed , purchasing through me and I started earning revenue. Happy days, it had been ages since I earnt anything.

OK It’s early days. This time next year we’ll be ……….

To be truthful with you, I’m having a whale of a time, writing about my passion is a really enjoyable role. I’m so glad I stuck to my principles of honesty, respect and legitimacy and chose a company who thrive on these credentials.

Get Trained from the Experts

Uncover The Blogging SecretsTheir training can only be described as excellent. It’s video based, you watch, pause and implement what’s shown into your website, taken in small steps one at a time. Over time your website builds out with content. The more you increase content, the more your authority grows and higher rankings are achieved on behalf of the Search Engines.

Drive traffic into your website

Gaining traffic is a slow process, similar to the time it takes to implement all the steps in the training yet before you know it higher rankings are being achieved. The whole aim for members is to accomplish receiving organic traffic through the Search Engines, landing your blogs on the first page of Search Results. Wealthy Affiliate have all the tools and know-how for every member to effectuate success. It’s purely down to you to implement what’s shown. Exciting stuff!

Help and Support for every member

Help and support is Wealthy Affiliate’s top priority for every member. You can ask questions under each training step, through live chat, more detailed questions written out for the whole community, ask the founders, explore their full library – You name it, support is at the top of their agenda for every member.

What about you?

So, if you’re thinking of changing careers at 40+ or anytime of your life from leaving school to well into retirement years as I do connect with these people daily, consider turning your passion into an online business to gain prosperity. I started without any prior experience whatsoever as did many of the 800,000+ members who have already enrolled.

Don’t depress yourself thinking you’re not good enough, I nearly walked down this path. There is a genuine opportunity to tap into the mass potential of the web here and gain revenue through affiliate links simply by promoting products associated with your passion.

Wealthy Affiliate University

The Wealthy Affiliate program  starts off right from the basics and walks you through to advanced level of receiving traffic through the Search Engines. Once you start to gain traffic organically this way, making money runs pretty much automatically. This is my ambition and I’m determined to crack it.

Hope to see you on the inside – What’s your passion?

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

SimonThanks for stopping by and reading.

I hope I have provided you with inspiration.

Any questions, please ask in the comment section below. Always happy to help.

Thanks again,



10 thoughts on “Changing Careers 40 – Read This!”

  1. Hey Simon, I have to say thats a really dificult thing to go through. and Thank god you had the strangth do go on.

    Changing a job at age 40 is somthing that mostly only the brave will do or those who dont have a job in the first place.
    Having said that, I se it as a no breaner to work doing what you are pacionate about. The only thing that could get in my way was the doubt of… “Can I actually make money doing this?”
    I think if you could provide us with proof of people that are actually making a living off of this that would help…

    I enjoyd reading this post, and I thank you for that.

    Shlomo J

    1. Hi Shlomo,
      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

      Changing jobs is a difficult thing to go through over 40, I agree yet when you are in the predicament that there’s no option, this does make life easier than someone already in work and wishing to make a change.

      Working this way, writing about what you are passionate about makes this role a pleasure to do. I never think about it as work, I’m very happy to keep writing articles as it’s great fun and when someone clicks on your affiliate link to purchase, accomplishing commissions, what more could anyone wish for.

      Here’s a post from another member who has been with Wealthy Affiliate for sometime now which shows his successful route:

      And my journey with Wealthy Affiliate, I too show how I make revenue:

      Hope this helps and thanks again for dropping a comment,

  2. Changing careers is rarely thought of as “fun,” especially if you are not the one to decide that you must change! It can cause tremendous stress and anxiety. It’s wonderful to read about someone not only managing to succeed at doing so, but to love what they are doing.

    So few people are able to do what they love in life and that is really a shame. What is an even bigger shame is that many people aren’t even willing to pursue their dreams for fear of failing. Your journey from difficult times to successfully building your own online business is inspiring, and your enthusiasm is engaging.

    I hope that many other people can learn from your experiences and see that it is possible to do what you love and prosper through it.

    1. Hi Craig,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      Changing careers is no fun. I agree, especially when you loved your previous role and this is what I grew up with but I’m one to brush myself down and just get on with the next part of life. I try not look back, like as you say I’d probably get stressed – ha!

      Yeah, fear of failing put me off this role as I thought I’d be too technically challenged but that’s not the case, quite the opposite to be honest. It’s a really enjoyable role, I’m kicking myself I didn’t move into this years ago.

      Anyone is capable of doing this, I know as I’m in the middle of it but you do require determination to complete each task in the program and to write quality content regularly. It suits me.

      Thanks again for calling in Craig,

  3. Changing Careers can be a challenge. Many have been in the situation to change for whatever reason. I am one of the many. As it happened, I always tried to make income on the internet, but I never put the necessary effort in that venture.

    Things happen, and in my case, work-related injury. Being out of work doesn’t bother your expenses, they still keep coming without fail. That incident made me reconsider the way I am approaching things.

    Let’s face it, if you don’t have the funds for rainy days, it’s pretty much curtains, your blog post is a prime example for that.

    Living in an ideal world, everything is working nicely in our favor, but that rarely is the case. Making adjustments to our lives as we progress through the ups and downs is just part of it all. But what if you can not adjust to things as they occur?

    And that is when I brightened up. I don’t want to be in the situation where I have to be dependent on welfare or other people. The time for me is now, your blog post is a motivation for me, added motivation.

    Simon, keep writing interesting material as you did. I wish many people in search of opportunities will find your blog and act on it.



    1. Hi Danyel,
      Thanks for calling in and leaving your inspirational comment.

      This is an ideal opportunity for you due to your sad circumstances of a work related injury, I’m sorry to hear. I hope you can make the most out of working online.

      Unfortunately, me included, everyone wants success tomorrow but it will never work like that with a website as there’s so much competition. However that competition can be beaten if you have gadgets like the keyword tool to supply you with high search low competition titles for your blog posts and are willing to put in the effort to write regularly as that is what this game is all about. There is definitely a way but it does take time

      I understand your frustrations receiving welfare but that’s exactly why we pay are taxes to keep the unfortunate like yourself through a work related injury able to live.

      I’m glad to hear you have brightened up and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Determination is the only thing standing in your way.

      Good luck with the future Danyel and thanks again,

  4. Hello Simon,
    I am so glad that you have found the WA. Reading your story made me feel sad. 141 years old job?! Oh my! 🙁
    But I am so glad that you have found your place under the Sun now and I am sure that you will succeed much more! There is no better way to start an online business than through the Wealthy Affiliate!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yeah, it is a sad story but the authorities have no idea how your feelings are affected and this still affects me to this day. We were genuine but that is not respected from above.

      I am so happy I found a legitimate business to run and what better role to work with than your passion. I like Wealthy Affiliate as they uphold respectable values the majority of companies wouldn’t know where to start with today.

      You and I Sunny are determined to move to the top of this affiliate marketing ladder, it’s purely down to determination and a bit of hard work and we have bucket loads of that.

      Keep up your great work,

  5. Hello Simon,

    Great story and great persistence! Sounds like a very happy ending founded on your excellent principles of honesty, respect and legitimacy. Love when that happens! Very happy for you! Enjoy your success! God Bless!

    1. Hi Randy,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      I was grown up to believe in these 3 principles and apply them in my life. It’s such a shame the governments and large companies of today don’t follow suit as they have lead us all down a very greedy, selfish and dishonest route. The way we used to be to where we stand now quite simply appalls me to be frank yet we all seem to accept it.

      Moving on, I find this role excellent, there’s nothing better than writing about something you have a passion for or are interested in. To run a business without having to purchase stock, having to find the room to hold it, no packaging and postage to deal with makes things so much easier, plus the added benefit of not having returns to deal with either makes an easy life.

      Yeah, It’s a new life.
      Thanks again Randy,

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