Best Residual Income Affiliate Programs – Where Earnings Recur

Searching for the best residual income affiliate programs online is an arduous task, to say the least. I dodged the scams for years before being introduced to this legitimate opportunity. Earnings here recur & accumulate.

The company providing this opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate 

I’m not here to convince – far from it. Your welcome to Join their FREE starter membership to find out whether this opportunity suits your way of working.

Unlike every other system out there, Wealthy Affiliate actually teaches members HOW to effectively connect with people searching to make money online. Reach this level – you’re rolling!

This ELITE Affiliate Program:

  • Operates ethically
  • Pays members equally
  • There are No up-lines – No down-lines
  • Genuine Free Starter course
  • All inclusive Premium Membership
  • No up-sells
  • Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing training
  • Help & Support is a priority
  • No ties – you can cancel at any time

Just to clarify – Wealthy Affiliate DOES NOT tolerate spam. If you’re wishing to generate easy money (?) by spamming the heck out of Facebook, this opportunity is not for you.

However, if you relish the prospect of referring Wealthy Affiliate’s business opportunity to others seeking online income and are willing to work, the significant earnings WA’s Super Affiliates are making becomes a life-changer.Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial


How does this business operate?

This role requires targeting people searching for recurring income opportunities by writing blog-posts and referring visitors to Wealthy Affiliate’s business opportunity through your unique affiliate link.

Just like me, your referrals train to become successful online marketers in order to earn residual income.

When your referrals sign-up as a Premium member, Wealthy Affiliate shares their Premium membership with you and commissions start recurring. It’s really that straightforward.

The beauty is, Wealthy Affiliate’s genuine try before you buy starter membership introduces your referrals to how ethical this business operates on your behalf.

This business opportunity oozes legitimacy – It’s an easy program to refer.


What can you earn?

When your referrals sign up for Premium Membership, you earn:

$23.50 recurring month on month


$175 recurring year-on-year

Commissions keep on recurring for the lifetime of your referrals Premium membership.

There are no limits to earnings

Wealthy Affiliate's Referral Commissions

Wealthy Affiliate enhance this lucrative opportunity with two goals:

First goal – Refer 300 Premium members in a year- Receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and hang out with WA’s Super Affiliates.

Second goal – Refer 3,000 Premium members in a year – The Bentley Challenge amplifies your treatment in Las Vegas.


300 referrals multiplied by $23.50 recurring monthly provides substantial earnings.

3,000 referrals multiplied by $23.50 recurring monthly becomes life-changing.


Sounds fab doesn’t it – however:

These dreamy figures are presently UNREALISTIC and will NOT come to fruition if you don’t connect with the RIGHT people.

Encouragingly, Wealthy Affiliate’s training focusses on HOW to connect with the RIGHT people searching.

This describes the reasons why their membership level has surpassed a million members.


How much does it cost?

I pay $49 per month – it’s an all-inclusive package

My website costs $13.99 per year

These are Canadian Dollars – Convert to your own currency

That’s it.

There are no up-sells – I have never paid for advertising.

Doing the math; 3 referrals more than pays for your membership.

My preference, like Wealthy Affiliate teach, is the organic free-way of attracting website visitors.


When I compare the Premium membership here against what I used to incur running a high street shop, this is a low-cost way of starting-up and running a potentially lucrative business.

A fortnight’s small shop rent where I live is equivalent to a year’s worth of Premium membership here, never mind the overheads, insurances, utility bills, staff wages and stock I used to incur.

Plus, when a website’s doors are open, you reach out to the whole world 24/7. Wealthy Affiliate members are worldwide, the potential is vast.


Free Starter & Premium Membership Levels


Why did I choose Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the industry leader in affiliate marketing, they live & breathe affiliate marketing, their entire business is based around affiliate marketing.

This platform is promoted as:

The Best Affiliate Marketing course in the world


Members are taught how to attract those searchers seeking what YOU are promoting.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Training teaches how to attract website visitors organically through the Search Engines, therefore, this is NOT an overnight get-rich-quick scheme.

The premise of this business is to teach members the free-way to attain Search Engine traffic – Why? This is how to generate substantial visitor numbers & conversions in the long run.

The combination of hosting members websites, a stepped out training approach covering every aspect of affiliate marketing and an interactive community geared around help & support delivers the most forward-thinking & progressive platform.


Members have the option of either:

Creating a business website around your passion, such as a sport, hobby, pastime or general interest. You’re shown how to earn revenue by writing articles & linking to products through Affiliate Programs such as Amazon.

You can also create a business website for your own products or promote another service you are involved in.

Or promote Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program like I do and earn recurring income when referrals sign-up as Premium members.

Whichever option is chosen, training demonstrates how to drive searchers looking for what YOU are promoting, into YOUR website.


Comparing my achievements

Personally, I started out promoting my own passion, achieved 200-300 daily visitors and 3 income streams. These conversions, however, are one-off sales, they don’t recur.

I discovered the achievements of how Super Affiliates are getting along promoting Wealthy Affiliate. It’s quite awe-inspiring to read how recurring income significantly accumulates, there’s potential to build a very lucrative business by means of referring this program.

I now promote the Wealthy Affiliate Program.


There’s never been a better time to start Affiliate Marketing

Search Engines have made an unprecedented decision to de-rank websites containing duplicate content.

Scammers Copy & Paste Systems and Affiliate Spammers are slowly being eradicated from Social Media platforms due to creating a frustrating user experience for everyone.

Meanwhile, The Federal Trade Commission has their work cut out shutting down Illegally operated MLM companies & pyramid schemes.

Moving forward, the only way to operate without spamming is to link back to a website containing affiliate links.

Befriending Search Engines & Social Media by publishing uniquely created relevant content & operating top-notch moral standards returns an increase in website rankings.

It’s gonna be a bright future for those who comply but not for work-shy scammers.


Is It Easy?

There are NO overnight riches here and no one is going to do the work for you. Writing blog posts requires effort but it is straightforward if you’re determined to get stuck in, like WA’s Super Affiliates are achieving.

Most success stories here, start off without any prior experience.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches the free-way to land blog-posts in the top positions of Search Engines, however, there are no quick solutions. It usually takes 6 months onward to become established enough to start generating decent visitor numbers.

You are taught how to advertise but this is ONLY an option. The free-way of Search Engine traffic delivers the best results in the long run. Personally, I have never advertised.

Training shows how to share posts on Social Media, it’s common to start the conversion ball rolling this way.

Priority however, is to keep publishing posts regularly to grow your business; this improves website rankings which in return increases visitor numbers and conversions.

Eventually, the saying ‘earn while you sleep’ comes to fruition once traffic starts accumulating – website doors are open continuously and worldwide.


Detailed Training – Help & Support is Everywhere

The platform is designed around interaction, help & support. In excess of a million members help flourish each other’s websites.

Members reciprocate comments to make blog-posts engaging which in return increases website rankings, therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie starting out, everyone needs each other to succeed – the reason everyone is helped.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Comprehensive Training

The training is split into 7 affiliate marketing courses, totalling 70 lessons.

Each lesson comprises video training where you watch how a process is done, then implement what’s shown. Simply work through the course structure; over time your website scales out & becomes more established.

Affiliate Bootcamp - Level 1

There’s also live training on a Friday which is recorded, covering every aspect of affiliate marketing.

Need Help? – Just Ask!

Help is available under each course, just ask. Additionally, there’s live chat, search bar help, ask the Founder members or you can write out highly detailed questions to the whole community.

Regarding the occasional website problem – simply raise a support ticket for help. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a response and 15 minutes for the issue to be sorted.

When they say help and support is everywhere, they mean it.


Best Residual Income Affiliate Programs


The principles of this business

  • Brand your business
  • Create an Authority website
  • Attract visitors
  • Refer Wealthy Affiliate


Brand your business

Firstly, you choose a particular group of people you wish to target, looking to make money online.

The list is immense, pretty much ANYONE is a potential referral on account of Wealthy Affiliate’s ethical & lucrative business model.

So far, I’ve come across members targeting:

Passive Income Seekers – Home Business opportunities – Affiliate Network programs – Retired or Disabled Veterans seeking income – Minimum Wage Workers – Online Surveys Takers – People Article Marketing – Website Builders – Affiliate Marketing – Work From Home jobs – Moms & Dads wishing to work from home – People looking for a lifestyle change – The list keeps on rolling.

This is what differentiates Wealthy Affiliate – Members operate their own unique business.


Create an Authority website

Thanks to the user-friendly WordPress interface, you don’t have to be a techie to build a website. I had no prior experience, the training’s great fun and straightforward to implement.

You start off building a free website hosted on WA’s SiteRubix platform; they’re created in minutes and optimized on fast hosting servers.

In Course 2, you’re advised to purchase your own domain because Search Engines rank ownership higher. Transferring from the freebie to your own domain is at the press of a button & slick. Mine costs $13.99 per year

For security purposes, you log-in to your website from the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Websites contain up-to-date spam protection, enhanced site speed, secure HTTPS encryption (green padlock) and deliver high performance on mobiles.

The Image optimization plugin just requires activating whereas you’re shown how to apply the settings for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin.

Full video training demonstrates how to create a professional looking website, including all the visitor-friendly necessities such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Menus
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • etc, etc


Complying with the Laws

Complying with the Affiliate Marketing laws is essential to operate this business, however, like everything else, training is lawful, straightforward & demonstrates each step.

To conform to Search Engine requirements, Affiliate marketing websites must include:

  • A Privacy policy page
  • Affiliate Marketing disclosure
  • Compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Writing an About Me page additionally creates trust with your audience and shows you’re a real person.


Attract visitors

Everything so far’s been either a one-step process or great fun – now comes the bit that requires work. The last step of making money flows automatically after you master attracting visitors.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is not rocket science, there is no secret formula – being genuine is key.

Members are advised NOT to listen to the boatload of misinformation out there, just follow & implement the training’s Search Engine friendly techniques. As you build out your website you’ll see results.

Mastering traffic requires the following:

  • SEO Plugin
  • Keyword Tool
  • Site Content Platform
  • Comment Engagement
  • Social Interaction


SEO Plugin

Training teaches how to set-up the SEO plugin and configure it to Google Analytics to enable Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc to find, rank & display your post links. This is another one-step process.


Keyword Tool

Keywords are the starting point for all your traffic, these are the words people type into the search-bar looking for stuff and are used to create your blog-post titles.

Jaaxy – Wealthy Affiliate’s purposely designed Keyword tool is used to find high traffic keywords with low competition.

Using Jaaxy, I think – What would someone type into the Search-bar to find my post. The phrase must be relevant & make sense. After typing the search term into Jaaxy, alternative suggestions are presented.

Simply cherry pick those with high monthly traffic and low competition. Jaaxy also includes a percentage prediction of landing posts on the first page of search results – I choose those around 95%.

After creating your title, place the same keywords somewhere in the first couple of paragraphs, making sure the sentence makes sense.


Site Content Platform

Bog-posts must NOT contain duplicate content, therefore, copy & paste will severely affect website rankings BUT what do Search Engines class as duplicate content – a sentence, a paragraph? – I have no idea!

For this reason, Wealthy Affiliate has developed a Content Creator where members write out blog-posts and publish to their websites from this platform.

It’s just like WordPad, however, it checks for spelling, sentence structure & grammar and when you publish – checks for duplicate content.

Although 1,000 – 1,500 words per post is recommended, you do NOT have to be a writing expert to make it in this game.

Top tip – don’t be pushy & salesy.

If you come across naturally, put the emphasis on helping people, be informative, opinionated, point out the pros AND cons and why you feel the platform will benefit the visitor, you’ll gain trust & respect.

Then leverage the FREE Starter Membership with your unique affiliate link for visitors to make their OWN decision.


Comment Engagement

Receiving comments at the bottom of posts is imperative on two counts. Firstly, Search Engines rank engaging content and secondly, it makes your article look captivating to visitors.

Members exchange comments on each other’s posts – Over a million members make these threads a hive of activity.


Social Interaction

Building up a huge following on Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Google+ etc is made easy because Wealthy Affiliate members follow each other.

Sharing members posts who choose to market their own passion delivers a variety of interesting subjects to your timelines.

I generally share about 6-8 Wealthy Affiliate members posts per day on my Social Media timelines including one of my own, it all helps to spread the word, however, I only link back to my website.

Social Media platforms are getting very strict with regards to affiliate links, best not to use them for fear of spamming & violating their terms – just link back to your website.


Linking to alternative posts

Every post I create additionally includes an internal link to another post along with an external link to some other website’s post – Search Engines rank informative websites that share content.


Repeating these steps for every published blog-post is how to ethically attract visitors in the Search Engines.

Members including myself frequently land blog-posts on the first page of Search Results using these techniques.


Refer Wealthy Affiliate

Inserting banners, images and highlighting text to insert affiliate links is not complex – you’ll grasp the technique straight away.

Your affiliate link is unique to you.

When a referral clicks on your link and signs-up for the Free Membership, Wealthy Affiliate introduce the exciting world of affiliate marketing, provides 2 Free websites and welcomes them to try the first course to see if this opportunity suits their lifestyle.

Recurring income starts as soon as your referrals sign-up for Premium Membership.

As well as linking to Wealthy Affiliate’s home page you can affiliate-link to almost any page on the WA platform including training pages where referrals can also sign-up to become a member.


Learn to become a Super Affiliate

This banner below links to Wealthy Affiliate’s home-page, to get started.

Your affiliate link will work just like mine, albeit unique to you. When referrals sign-up for Premium Membership after participating in the free trial, is when commissions start to recur.

Learn to become a Super Affiliate
Learn to become a Super Affiliate

Exciting times ahead, thanks for reading.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment box below if you’re unsure about anything,


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