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You may have been put off Affiliate marketing in the past, I know a lot of people have been due to all the bad publicity it’s had – All hype and no substance.

But in among the bad lot there are some shiny Affiliate Businesses out there.

SimonHi, I’m Simon – thanks for stopping by.

I am a member of  Wealthy Affiliate,  a blogging university that teach anyone how to turn their passion into their own successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

They have over 800,000 members quietly beavering away at home with an affiliate job they love, making money producing their own successful business.

I am so impressed with what I have achieved so far considering I knew nothing regarding Affiliate Marketing nor building websites prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I would share this opportunity with you.

Anyone regardless of experience can do this.

Why did affiliate marketing get such a bad name?

There are a few well known companies like Amway, Kleeneze, Betterware, etc but they only produce small amounts of revenue for the amount of work you have to do, plus you have to carry stock, this does put people off.

SpamAs the web grew, affiliate marketing scams were born, promising outrageous fortunes for any newbie. We’ve all seen them, most of us have been involved. You get directed to a super sleek web page, showing how much money you will earn, what car you’ll soon be driving and where’s best to invest the fortune you’ll soon be making.

What these scams don’t tell you is:

  • How much marketing revenue for advertising you will need to start with.
  • You need to be a very experienced social media marketer to do their role.
  • How the search engines and social media want rid of them.
  • How much Search Engines despise their capture page you are provided with – An affiliate link to the same duplicate content.
  • How much people detest spam emails

Unfortunately the web and emails are littered with scams, hence, the bad name for Affiliate Marketing.

There is a Legitimate, Honest way to Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever visited a webpage, read about a product, clicked a link that’s taken you to an online store, like Amazon for example and proceeded with purchasing the product?

This is affiliate marketing. The person who created the link that took you to the Amazon store where you purchased the product, earned a commission.

This course will show you how it’s done. It’s a very straight forward process and easy to do but needs to be administered correctly. This is what Wealthy Affiliate teach – The proper way to Affiliate Marketing.

If you go through the training and implement what’s shown, this can lead to a very successful Affiliate Marketing business of your very own – The reason 800,000+ members have already joined.

A job you’ll love – Writing about your passion

4 simple steps:  

Step 1 – Find a niche.  Step 2 – Build a website

Step 3 – Attract visitors  Step 4 – Earn revenue.

Getting Started

What is a niche?

Have you got a passion, something you are interested in?

This is what’s known as a niche. A niche is basically something that floats your boat, alternatively it’s a group of people looking for stuff.

Anything you have a passion for is a niche. This can be a pastime, a sport, a hobby, something you like doing or perhaps something you like helping others with. The list really is endless.

I have a particular passion for garden sheds and jumped at the chance to earn revenue simply by writing articles and promoting the many different varieties.

No niche is too competitive

How do you turn your passion into a business?

The problem with a wide niche, for example my passion, Garden Sheds – It’s too generic, my audience is far too wide, I would be trying to target too many people at once with all the variations of Wooden Sheds, Metal Sheds and Summerhouses, etc; hence, I would find it very difficult to get established on the web.

The idea, is to narrow your niche down towards a targeted audience.

I narrowed Garden Sheds down into a targeted audience and chose Quality Plastic Sheds to represent my business due to their low maintenance values when compared to their wooden counterparts.

Never think a small niche means a small business, for example: Consider Basketball Shoes: There are over 30,000 different types of basketball shoes on Amazon alone – See the potential of a targeted niche?

In this way, you are now targeting a smaller audience, this can easily create the foundations for an extremely affluent business because later on, the more blogs you create you are going to become quite authoritative, the place to visit within your chosen niche.

If you require some more help regarding choosing your niche, here’s an informative video by Wealthy Affiliate:

How to become an expert in any niche

If you are represented with a pop-up, click away and watch the video.

How to become an expert in any niche

Build Your Delightfully Displayed Website

Once you have chosen your niche, it’s time to build your website and present your passion into a stunning presence, promoting products in bodacious style.

Your website is the foundation of your business, open continuously for visitors around the world.

Website Themes
Choose your website theme

In order to create a successful business your website has to be inviting and engaging to visitors, built correctly and easy to navigate around.

Wealthy Affiliate have an easy step by step training course designed specifically for newbies. You will have your website up and running in no time. It’s great fun building, you’ll be amazed how simplistic this is – Anyone can do this.

The training will lead you through choosing your WordPress template, setting your website up, configuring SEO for the search engines to find your posts, inserting menus, widgets, images, embedding videos, how to correctly present your content, etc, etc.

Daunted? – Don’t be, it’s a very straight forward process. Watch a video, pause and implement into your website what is being shown, it really is that simple.

Take a look a my website: Quality Plastic Sheds. This how Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build my website. You can do the same with your niche.

Choose Your WordPress Theme
Choose Your WordPress Theme

Uncover the Secrets to Attracting Visitors

Now that you have your website set-up and running, it’s time to attract visitors to enable conversions.

Content, content, content – Content is king these days and the search engines will increase your rankings for providing it.

Write posts specifically for your targeted audience, show your niche to it’s full potential whilst promoting products within your quality content.

SEOWealthy Affiliate will guide you through the process, how to write great quality content surrounded by stunning imagery that attracts visitors and leads to conversions. Don’t be put off thinking you need to be an experienced writer, you most certainly don’t, just write naturally like you are talking to a family member – People prefer reading a naturally written post.

The biggest tip on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is to ditch the sales patter as people do not like being sold to. You will uncover all the affluent bloggers secrets for attracting visitors and creating conversions throughout the training.

You may think you’ll be stuck for things to write about, I know I did. They have a superb way for finding ideas to write about any chosen niche, I was impressed with this – You’ll never be stuck for writing inspiration for a lifetime in any chosen niche.

Take a look how I have prepared content for one of my posts: Lifetime 8 x 10ft Shed

Instigate their potent solution for creating web post titles by using the famous keyword tool that presents you with the same words you and I type into Google when searching for stuff. This is how Google finds your content. The keyword tool finds high targeted traffic with low competition keywords for any chosen niche, all designed to accelerate your success. You’ll be impressed with this.

Interact on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and learn how to turn your website into the most dynamic home-based studio by providing engagement through the comment section at the bottom of posts. All what’s required is your interaction.

Learn how to instigate a free flow of traffic into your website by respectfully sharing links to your creations via the Social Media platforms. How to create your own potent Social Media Schedule is taught in detail and kick starts your earn as you learn program.

The more posts you write – The more your authority grows – The more visitors you will attract – The more revenue you will earn.

Earn Revenue from Affiliate Links

You’ve chosen your niche, built your beautiful website around it and started to attract visitors.

During training you are shown how to link through affiliate programs for the products you are promoting in your niche.

There’s an infinite amount of affiliate programs to join, all free. Amazon UK, and eBay are my present choices and are a preffered option for many however their is an infinate amount you can join.

If you type into google, for example:

Affiliate programs + baby products

This will bring a list of companies wanting you to promote their baby products, just like Amazon.

Uncover the secrets to making money onlineYou earn revenue for every purchase that is made via your link. This is how I earn my living. And you can do the same.

There’s a bit of work involved building your foundations up and writing posts regularly but you can quite easily establish yourself on the web as an authoritative power within any chosen niche and make a very prosperous business from your hard work.

Each post you create has the ability to create income for years to come into the future. This is what inspires me to keep writing articles.

Once you accomplish first page Search Results Status, earning revenue starts to flow automatically. You are taught the exact process for achieving such prestige.

It’s a great job writing about your passion, working from home, it’s given me a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of, the time to do the things we want to do. I generally write a few posts per week and take weekends off.

I had absolutely no experience in Affiliate Marketing nor building websites until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I’m very impressed with my progress so far – If I can do this, anyone can.

Now the best bit – It’s free to get started

Wealthy Affiliate have opened their doors with a free starter membership. You are welcome to try an Affiliate Business of your own today. They are offering:

100% FREE2 Free Hosted Websites with Free Starter Training.

There are no contracts, time limits, credit cards or anything daft like that.

100% free 100% legit

If you go through all the step by step training offered on their free starter training, you will have created the website foundations for your own successful business.

They have a wonderful community, all willing to help each other succeed. Any questions you have are answered straight away, even the owners, Kyle and Carson are always there to help and support.

It’s amazing what you learn, surrounded by successful people.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Free starter membership
Join the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Take a look at the 5 potentials niches Wealthy Affiliate have put together to provide you with inspiration.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Only your name and email address entitles you to join their Free Starter Membership.

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider Wealthy Affiliates All Inclusive Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate want to give you the confidence that you can do this first and there’s no better way than a free way to get started.

Your welcome to give it a go, see what you think – you’ll certainly get a boost of confidence.

SimonIf you have any questions, ask in the comment section below, I’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for reading,

Maybe, see you on the inside,



4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Great description here about affiliate marketing. I like how you;ve explained the different between what affiliate market and Wealthy Affiliate is as compared to present and past money making ventures that were scams or simply not a good return on one’s investment. The instruction is clear and I look forward to applying some of your ideas in my work. Thank you!

    1. Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for taking your time to read.

      Yes, I’ve been involved in a few scams prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate and it sure does hurt.
      Promises of making a fortune never come to fruition. There are so many companies dishing out these scammy products.

      As time has gone by, many people are now becoming aware of these companies. Most require deep pockets for advertising. Something what is not told before you join.

      On the other hand is Wealthy Affiliate. It would be better named Genuine Affiliate in my book as once you join, their legitimacy shines through.

      Thanks again,

  2. Hey Simon, I love how you’ve explained affiliate marketing in a way that I can understand. Great job of simplifying it!

    I’ve been trying to find the right training course for me, and I’ve heard some great things about Wealthy Affiliate, although I haven’t really been persuaded to join until now. I think I’ll give them a shot!

    One question though – realistically, how much time would I have to dedicate to make it work as a marketer? I work 40 hours a week in my “normal” job; would I be able to make it work just spending my evenings and weekends on my website?


    1. Hi Josh,
      Thanks for reading and your interest.
      Once you have built your website, your role is simply to write posts to your targeted audience.
      The purpose of blogging is to write regularly – this will get you ranked in the search engines.
      So if you have time to write 2 or 3 posts per week this can lead to a successful business, albeit a bit slower than someone blogging full time.
      Many people do start blogging whilst working – if your dedicated and willing to write regularly – you can make this work.
      This role isn’t a get rich quick scheme – it takes time to become established on the web. If done correctly, can lead to a wonderful lifestyle.
      Hope this helps,

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