About Simon and How I Generate Residual Income Streams Online

I spent years wading through the minefield of scams littering the web before discovering this legitimate way to generate residual income streams online. I hope this helps your quest in finding something legit.

Hi, my name’s Simon, thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of this website is to promote:

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The program provides an all-inclusive low-cost way of starting-up & running your own fully fledged business online by means of affiliate marketing.

There are no up-sells and no limits to earnings.


Who on earth are Wealthy Affiliate?

They sound a bit scammy, don’t they?  I must admit, I walked past their doors a few times before getting involved.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a website hosting service, an elite affiliate program and a comprehensive training package that teaches how to build a website, attract visitors online and earn revenue affiliate marketing.

Over a million members worldwide have already stepped on board. The community helps flourish each other’s websites, it’s a cleverly designed platform built around interaction, help & support for every member.

When you first walk through WA’s doors you have the option of building a website around:


Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial

I initially chose to build a website around my passion.

After a few years of membership, I generated 3 income streams, courtesy of implementing the steps to ATTRACT VISITORS seeking further information as to what I’m promoting in the Search Engines.

Generating targeted traffic into a website attains conversions, a particular feature most affiliate programs skirt around, leaving members disillusioned. Not Wealthy Affiliate – this represents the heart of their training.


Consider this:

Recent results with regards to how members are getting along promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s recurring income Affiliate Program has encouraged me to get involved & create this website.

The potential to what I’m about to uncover will certainly open your eyes.

Wealthy Affiliate promotes their opportunity through a genuine FREE Starter Membership. This is what initially attracted my attention to give it a try besides scrutinize their legitimacy.

The freebie includes 2 FREE websites + the entire Affiliate Marketing Course 1 which delivers a thorough introduction to making money online. This gift provides a superb marketing tool if you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate.


Firstly though, I’m gonna bore you with my work history because this best describes the exhaustive & extensive research it took to replicate the genuine work I once had, with something similar online.

Seriously, it’s taken years to find an opportunity that operates ethically, how sad is that!

Wealthy Affiliate University


A family business built on trust

After leaving school & for the following 25 years I became the fifth generation to work for our family butchers business. 125 years established, our shop was located in what once was described as Britain’s busiest village. Heck, you should see the state of it now – it looks dilapidated.

We epitomized fair-trading, played a very small tune, walked straight, served local produce to the village community, earned basic wages, made small business profits & paid correct taxes. Customers were friends, we knew everyone by first names. A thriving business, purely generated through trust.

I know it sounds a bit chocolate-boxy – it was hugely enjoyable but flipping hard work.

Unfortunately, Dad’s mis-sold pension left us no alternative but to close shop & move on:


Dodging the scams online

After getting involved with a deceitful money-losing franchise, I got lured into the excitement of the Forex market. Okay, it’s enjoyable but this is gambling. Revenue gained one week is lost the following which inevitably becomes unsustainable.

Desperation then sucked into many online scams, lured in by the dreamy advertisements of flashy cars, homes & yachts, only to scarper after realizing you require deep pockets for advertising the heck out of Facebook.

The last online scam I became interested in was recently shut down for illegally operating a pyramid scheme. Be careful out there, the law states Multi-Level Marketing companies must sell products; many Scams merely invent digital products to sidestep these laws.

What a worrying scammy world we have gotten ourselves into, these operations do not sit comfortably with me.

Flippinheckers, it’s been a rocky journey!


Welcome to Affiliate marketing

I dedicated my time to search for something legit & trustworthy, with the ability to earn a decent income.

Initially, I turned my attention away from affiliate marketing due to the spammy affiliate links dominating Social Media platforms, however, during Wealthy Affiliate’s introductory course they express the importance of operating an affiliate marketing business with a website.

Social Media platforms & Search Engines befriend affiliate marketers that link to uniquely created content on websites. This requirement certainly puts work-shy scammers off yet paves the way for those who wish to operate legitimately.

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to start operating an affiliate marketing business now that the so-called get-rich-quick schemes are being de-ranked by Search Engines, eliminated from Social Media platforms and shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

Wealthy Affiliate satisfied my concerns two years ago when they said ‘Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes’ are going to become increasingly more difficult to operate and look what’s happening.


This Wealthy Affiliate’s advertisement captured my attention:


There are 2 Affiliate Marketing options

You’re given the choice of 2 online marketing courses.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is for promoting your passion, such as a hobby, pastime or general interest. You can also promote another service – an Affiliate Program you’re involved in – or your own products.

OR The Affiliate Bootcamp Course promotes Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program, which we’ll explore in a minute.

Initially, I was unsure what to promote but decided upon Garden Sheds due to a recent purchase we were delighted with.

Next step is to narrow your niche down in order to attract a specific group of people searching for stuff online. This was easy because the weather-resistant resin style we chose, bypasses maintenance.

My targeted niche: Attracting searchers looking for maintenance-free outdoor storage solutions.


The course then teaches how to set up and create a website around your passion, attract visitors and join affiliate programs to earn commissions.

The entire process is straightforwardly stepped out and covers everything to comply with lawfully trading online including Privacy Policy pages, Affiliate Marketing Disclosures and GDPR regulations.

I joined Amazon UK, Amazon USA and eBay’s affiliate programs. They provide you with a unique affiliate link that links visitors to the products you are promoting. When somebody purchases via your link, you earn commissions, it’s as straightforward as that.

Detailed video training demonstrates implementing each step which simplifies every process. It’s great fun, you just implement what’s shown pertaining to your niche.

Two years down the line I generated 3 income streams and achieved 200-300 daily visitors which ain’t bad considering I started without any prior experience.

Then I discovered what can be achieved by promoting Wealthy Affiliate:


Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Becoming a member, you are provided with a unique link that links visitors to Wealthy Affiliate’s sign-up page.

Members brand their website to target a specific group of people searching to earn an income online such as:

Moms & Dads working from home – people searching for affiliate programs – disability work from home jobs – recurring passive income opportunities – dodging the scams online, etc, etc. The list is endless.


Finding Keywords that deliver traffic

You’re taught how to use Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool to uncover high traffic / low competition keywords to use as your post titles, the same phrases people are typing into the Search Bar to find more information to what YOU are promoting – this is the key to attracting visitors that make conversions.


The Ultimate Writing Platform

Writing unique content is essential to your success. Posts are written out and published from Wealthy Affiliate’s writing platform which checks the content is unique before publishing – an invaluable platform to operate from in today’s market.


Wealthy Affiliate’s genuine try-before-you-buy membership has no ties, it’s designed to deliver a full insight into what affiliate marketing entails alongside inspecting how ethical Wealthy Affiliate’s business operates, a powerful marketing technique that oozes legitimacy.

Wealthy Affiliate does not tolerate spam, therefore, people interested will not be subject to promotional emails, they only want you to be involved if this type of work suits your lifestyle.


Have you thought of recurring income?

Due to my inexperience 2 years ago I never gave much thought towards the benefits of generating recurring income until I read the most inspiring blog-post published by Grace on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I remember Grace starting in September 2016, I had been involved for a few months prior to her joining.

About Simon and How I Generate Residual Income Streams Online

Grace and her success – promoting Wealthy Affiliate

When you start the training, the top taskbar presents an aeroplane icon with the number 300 highlighted. This figure represents your year’s referral goal. Accomplish referring 300 Premium members, there’s a trip to Las Vegas on the house.

Grace wrote her inspiring blog-post after watching the figure 1 disappear & discovering she’d got the invitation to Las Vegas.

Congratulations Grace, you’re hard work has certainly paid off

For each referral that joins Premium, Wealthy Affiliate shares their Premium membership with you. You earn $23.50 recurring commissions month on month, year-on-year as they stay Premium.

3 referrals more than covers your own Premium membership.

When you work out the income of 300 referrals by $23.50, this is significant recurring monthly income.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Once Grace achieved her 300 referrals the aeroplane icon changed to highlight 2,700, this is your second goal – the Bentley Challenge.

Confirming what Wealthy Affiliate teach and Grace has found out; visitor numbers exponentially grow when Search Engine rankings increase – conversion rates then start to multiply.

Doing the math: 3,000 referrals by $23.50 becomes a life-changer, especially recurring monthly.

There are no up-lines – no down-lines; every member regardless of experience is paid equally.


Time for a change of direction:

This got me thinking, I’ve equalled Grace on conversions but all my shed conversions are one-off sales. Recurring commissions on the other hand, accumulate significantly.

This is how experienced bloggers operate; Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to become a Super Affiliate, just like Grace.


How much does Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership really cost?

As a Premium Member, I pay $49 per month.

This website costs $13.99 per year.

That’s it, I have never paid for advertising, there are NO up-sells.


Free Starter & Premium Membership Levels


Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

No, affiliate marketing with a website is not easy but it is straightforward.

The only way a website will accomplish high Search Engine positions is by writing unique content on a regular basis, this is the core of Wealthy Affiliate’s training – basic but requires putting in the effort to succeed.

This is not a done-for-you system, no one is going to do the work for you and it’s not the type of business you can keep shelving for a few months.

The only other consideration is whether a work-from-home lifestyle suits.


Relish the prospect of becoming a Super Affiliate?

You’re welcome to come on board for a full introduction into affiliate marketing which includes the level 1 training course and 2 free websites. It’s impressive, detailed and free.

If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate, your unique affiliate link will work just like my banner does below. This gives your visitors a free trial and if they join Premium you earn recurring commissions.

Alternatively, promote your Passion or another Service.

Explore the benefits of becoming a Super Affiliate
Explore the benefits of becoming a Super Affiliate

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate & becoming a Super Affiliate, don’t hesitate to ask – message me in the box below.

Thanks for reading,



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