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SimonI’m Simon, happily married to Tracy, we live in the sunny side of Bradford over in the UK.

Tracy works as a Project Manager, just a walk away from home while I have been fortunate enough to find a stress free way to build an income from home.

Although we’ve both led completely different careers, we have both suffered the daily grind and stresses of the workplace, at times – worked ourselves to the bone, suffered unfortunate circumstances but fortunately we’ve managed to find a way to lead a more comfortable life with plenty of time to do the things we want to do. ‘Content’ is the word I’m looking for.

My early Career

I left school to work in our family butchers business, I never thought of anything else as I had worked there in-among school. Our business was established in 1875 and I was the 5th generation. My first 18 years were very enjoyable, it was a superb business serving the local community and purchasing supplies from local farms.

Unfortunately with the greed of today’s society my dad was mis-sold his pension. One man’s greed off a company policy changed everything for me. We were left with no option but to sell the business property so dad could fund his pension. I lost everything – job, business, establishment, career – all gone without an apology.

I hope the pension rep is having a wonderful retirement.

Moving on

I managed to pick up other jobs within the butchery career but lost my love for the job, everything had changed.

Moving on, I worked on the Forex markets for about 6 years which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learnt a trading system for about a year first then traded with it for the next 5 years but couldn’t make a sustained living from it.

I’ve lost count on how many jobs I applied for jobs in among trading the Forex markets trying to create some income but only managed to pick up short term contracts, which is a miserable existence for anyone, you’re just treated like a waste of society.

One day I woke up – I can either carry on stagnating with my depressing existence or change my lifestyle altogether – I opted for the latter.

I brushed myself down and searched for months online to find something genuine I could get my teeth into.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

After routing through all the scams I eventually came across a genuine company called Wealthy Affiliate, an educational company that teach complete newbies, like myself – how to turn your passion / anything you are interested in – into a successful online business.

I had no previous online business experience, never participated in social media, never built a website before nor had I ever had a writing career. This role was completely new to me.

Wealthy Affiliate have taught over 580,000 members to create their own online business, this inspired me to join their Free starter package – if they can do this, surely there’s an opportunity for me here. I took their Free training and have never looked back since.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Easy training – designed for newbies

Their training is the most straightforward program I had ever participated in, specifically designed for newbies in step by step modules.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community can only be described as the best community in the world, everything blogging related is here, help at an instant, members all choose a different targeted niche so there’s no competition between members, creating the most helpful environment you could ever imagine. Even the founders, Kyle and Carson participate in helping everyone succeed. You really feel you are part of something successful.

The 4 steps to create your own successful business

Step 1 – choose a niche – Something you are interested in, have a passion for – then narrow your niche down into a more targeted audience – this is powerful.

I chose Sheds for the garden, then narrowed down into a targeted niche and chose Plastic Sheds.

Step 2 – Build a website – You are basically looking over an experts shoulder and following exactly what they do, it’s so simple – you watch a video, pause then implement what’s being shown into your own website. It’s great fun and amazing what you create.

Step 3. – Attract visitors – Wealthy Affiliate provide all the tools and know how as they are experts in this field. Simply put – they know how to attract online visitors and show you exactly what to do.

Step 4. Earn revenue – You are shown how to join a free affiliate program, create links within it, to the products you are promoting in your website and earn revenue when someone purchases via your link.

Wealthy Affiliate

How’s my life now?

Life’s great, nice to be earning again, I now thoroughly enjoy my career. Looking back I’m staggered with what I’ve achieved, created a lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of, considering I started out with no experience whatsoever.

I now create a post a day, share my links on social media, attract visitors and earn revenue, making sure I take weekends off. Monday mornings are great!

I interact daily with new members enrolling across the world, from those just leaving school to those well into retirement. It’s a new exciting world for anyone.

Anyone can do this – it’s so straightforward.

No experience whatsoever is required.

You’ll create a wonderful career, it’s great fun to do, a really enjoyable lifestyle.

What about you?

If you are stuck in a rut, want to change your lifestyle and require an honest, legitimate company to show you the way, a company that hates spam, despises scam companies – Consider Wealthy Affiliate.


Head over to Getting Started for a full overview of how Wealthy Affiliate have trained over 580,000 complete newbies the proper way to build their own home based business, creating a lifestyle most people dream of.

Check out my journey with my targeted niche, Plastic Sheds in my honest review about Wealthy Affiliate.

You’re welcome to join for free – no credit card required, just your email address, name and you’re in. Build your free website with free hosting and take the free training. Get an overall feel for the business and their helpful community. See for yourself how easy yet powerful this system is – That’s how I got started.

Once you have chosen your niche, built your website and completed the starter training, you will have built the solid foundations for your own successful business. If you wish to take your business to the next level of success, consider their premium members package.

100% Free – 100% Legit – 100% Genuine opportunity

Feel free to drop me a comment below if you are unsure of anything or you can contact me at my  profile page  within Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading,

Maybe see you on the inside,




4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Simon,

    Great introduction! Very detailed and makes the reader feel right at home! So many people love to read the about me section and promoting WA right away on that page is a great idea! I have been with WA for a couple weeks now and there is no place that I would rather be to embark on this journey.



    1. Hi Hunter,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading all about me.

      I think you are right regarding an About Me page. Explaining your role and how you became involved provides valuable information for visitors.

      Also, by placing an image of yourself creates the environment that you’re not hidden and are talking naturally to your visitors. It’s rather a powerful approach many bloggers don’t take into consideration. It’s all about gaining trust with your audience.

      Yes, I thought what a better way to promote Wealthy Affiliate than talk about my journey and how I became involved in the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing. I was a complete newbie when I joined and it shows if you are willing to put some effort in and work your way through the steps in the training program and implement what’s been shown, there’s an opportunity for everyone who is determined.

      I agree with your analogy of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a very friendly place where everyone helps each other succeed.

      Keep enjoying your journey Hunter and thanks again,

    1. Hi Luc,
      Thanks for calling in and reading about me.

      Yeah, I thought I’d write all about myself and how I became engrossed in Affiliate Marketing thanks to the thorough training Wealthy Affiliate provide.

      The process is quite straightforward really, you just work your way through the training steps and implement what’s shown into your website. Over time your rankings increase leading you to the day you accomplish first page results status by the Search Engines rankings. This is my plan.

      It’s one heck of a change from Butchery and Forex Trading, I can tell you – ha!

      Thanks again Luc,

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